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Copywriter | Campaign Manager | Digital Marketer 
Environmentalist | Traveller | Activist | Change Maker

Hi I’m Hannah

Australian born, London living.

Growing up, I was surrounded by nature, if I wasn’t spending my weekends at the beach, it was camping and hiking in the great Australian bush. With an infectious passion for the natural world, I spend my free time travelling the world and, in doing so, learning about the threats this big blue planet of ours faces.

A dreamer who dares to be different. I am passionate about growing brands and platforms that challenge industries by creating compelling, well-thought-out, and valuable content.   

Good content might not be the answer to everything, but it’s a pretty good place to start. 

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An advocate for the circular economy and sustainable, ethical fashion.

In 2019, I co-founded a Sustainable Fashion Campaigning Group, Fashion Action, which through multiple campaigns, events and industry meetings has been one of the driving factors in the industry’s shift towards sustainable practices.

In 2020, I co-founded Alterist. 
Alterist is an upcycle fashion marketplace with a mission to reduce textile waste. Uniting a community of upcycled designers, Alterist is using creativity to drive change, transform fashion culture and make a positive impact on our planet.

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